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A Christian Pilgrimage to Jerusalem and Beyond

Join me on a 10-day sojourn to Jerusalem, West Bank and Palestine, March 24-April 4, 2008. Hosted by Seeking the Sacred, an organization which believes that "the sacred places we hear and read about hold the possibility of spiritual awakenings and connections to our past and a renewed sense of connection to forgotten parts of ourselves," this trip's goals are:

  • To experience and explore, as pilgrims, the biblical land and the roots of our faith, and to read our sacred scriptures in context;

  • To encounter Jesus in the places where he lived and practiced his ministry;

  • To visit shrines holy to three Abrahamic Traditions, and especially to see Jerusalem as a mosaic of interfaith diversity;

  • To hear the contemporary voices of Israelis and Palestinians in their political, religious and cultural realities, and to stand in solidarity with all those who pray and work for justice and peace in the midst of conflict;

  • To reflect together on all these insights and begin to find ways to apply them upon our return to our home communities.

I hope to be able to post photos and reflections during this journey, a way for me to connect this experience back to you, family and friends. Click on the links at left or bottom of the page to join in.

March 2008

The Program is anchored at St. George's College, East Jerusalem.


  • Special Program College Staff

    • Dr. Stephen W. Need, Dean of the College

    • Dr. Henry R. Carse, Director of Special Programs

  • Group Leaders and Pastoral Team

    • The Rev. Dr. Mary Luti, First Church in Cambridge
      Church Historian, senior minister of First Church in Cambridge, Congregational, UCC

    • The Rev. Dr. Anne Minton, Christ Church Cambridge
      Retired college teacher and an Episcopal priest, taught World History and World Religions for many years, most recently at Bunker Hill Community College in Boston

    • Ms. Tricia Kibbe, Director—Seeking the Sacred

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